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Building Dreams,

One Note at a Time

If you desire to make a difference in the world, You must be different from the world

Discover a Path, Create a Destiny.

Because you have the power, the will and the heart.

Be a crusader of the world, join hands with us in creating a

better world for the less fortunate.

We had the books, but no one to teach. We learnt the alphabet but had nowhere to reach. And then one day I learnt that even I can be someone important. They didn’t just teach me to play the keyboard, they gave me a new way of life.

“Music and Dance? It’s a nice gesture but it’s not going to change anything.” Music and Dance do bring change. It has created a ripple for these children and the ripple will one day turn into a wave. There will be a world where blind children will write songs about conquering the world, Specially-able children will dance to their own tunes and not of the society and the less fortunate will make their own fortune. For music is not just an art, it’s a discipline. It’s not just a subject, it’s a teacher.
As long as Music and Dance plays its role in making one more child smile brighter, one more parent prouder, one more teacher more hopeful, we have reached our goal.

We have taken the first step in empowering innocent minds. Won’t you join us and take a step too?

The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions.

Donate 10 seconds of your time.

Sponsor a child's lesson, sponsor a future.

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